FastHttpd #

A lightweight http server using valyala/fasthttp.

installation brew

Features #

  • Serve static files
  • Flexible routing
  • Access logging
  • Reverse proxy
  • Customize headers
  • Support TSL
  • Virtual hosts
  • YAML configuration

Serve static files #

FastHttpd is a web server based on valyala/fasthttp that is known for its high performance, low memory usage, and anti-DoS capabilities.

Flexible routing #

It supports routing by exact match, prefix match, and regular expression.

Access logging #

It outputs access logs in the NCSA format, which is compatible with not only Common but also customized formats. This legacy log format is convenient as there are various analysis tools available for it.

Reverse proxy #

It supports reverse proxy functionality, delivering exceptional performance.

Customize headers #

Customization of request and response headers is possible. Overwriting, adding, and deleting headers are supported.

Support TSL #

TSL support is available. The autoCert feature in particular makes it exceptionally easy and convenient to implement TSL.

Virtual hosts #

Virtual hosting is supported, and configuration file modularity enhances efficiency.

YAML configuration #

All configurations are defined in YAML format. Additionally, the ability to specify a configuration file while overriding specific settings using command-line arguments offers convenience.